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Political activist and human rights campaigner Reza Hosseinbor   Some of them (political activists and human rights reporters) agree with the Islamic Republic of Iran, to oppress and massacre the Baloch people. In an interview with IRT, Baloch political and human rights activist Reza Hosseinbor, complains that all Iranians are aware of genocide inside Baluchistan, but […]


Executions in Iran / Web photo   IRT – The recent news of mass execution of a village’s male population in Iran created controversial reactions, while top Iranian official Mohammad Javad Larijani underplayed concerns about the issue, Baloch sources report, Iran conducted more mass male executions in many other villages in Baluchistan. The recent leak […]


Protesters show solidarity with Yarsan. Norway/web photo/Yarikurd   IRT – Kurdish diaspora is reacting to the plight of Yarsan in Iran, protesting in different parts of the world. Numerous groups expressed support for Yarsan, urging the attention of international bodies to the cause of Yarsan in Iran. The plight of Yarsan was hidden from foreign […]


Inside the UN Human Rights Council for the 21st session. / Web photo   IRT – The United Nations Human Rights Council has been meeting recent weeks, and the record of Iran was discussed today, while like the past, Western block is pushing to renew the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Iran, the opposing […]


Dr. Karim Abdian, Executive Director of Ahwaz Human Rights Organizations – AHRO   In further comments on human rights situation in Iran, executive director of Ahwaz Human Rights Organization – AHRO, reveals that according to Mr. Hajbabaei, the former deputy minister of education, only 30% of Iranian pupils entering first grade speak Farsi as their […]


Iran Rights Transparency – IRT: The news network of Oximity imposes blackout, like other corporate media, contrary to its original claims, to be a different platform. The network blocked Iran Rights Transparency during recent days. In its introduction, the network claims “Oximity is a global, people-powered media platform that sources substantive and high quality content […]

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